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Why hire professionals?

We live in a time of do-it-yourself videos and websites, with streams of information available at the tap of an icon. Can videos prepare you for an excavation project?

The larger the project, the more tools you will need for the job, and the more time it will take to master each tool. Just as a broom also needs a dustpan and a waste bin to complete the job, a simple digging task requires more than just a shovel. Will you remove the dirt with a wheelbarrow? A trailer? Where will it go when you are done?

Large projects that will influence the value and desirability of your residential property will benefit from working with experienced, qualified professionals. With Faris Excavating Ltd, you have the confidence of working with knowledgeable people who listen to what you want to be done, and then work out each detail before giving you a comprehensive quote. The result saves you both time and money while avoiding costly mistakes and frustration.

Will this project damage my landscaping and property
Working with the right size machine equipped with rubber tracks, and using rubber mats on the ground, allows us to complete the most involved projects while maintaining your property in top condition.

Is my project safe to do
We are committed to safety. All Ontario Locator Services are used to ensure no utility lines or pipes are disturbed, and all necessary services are shut off prior to work, as required by law.


The family business is a lifestyle in the Faris family.

Growing up on his family's dairy and egg farm, John Faris went on to pursue an agricultural education at the University of Guelph. When he married Connie in 1979, they returned to the family farm to raise their children and run the business.

A lifetime working with the land and heavy machinery drew John to the excavation business. He and Connie started Faris Excavating Ltd. in the year 2000 with the farm as their centre of operations. After investing in their first excavator, the business proceeded to grow and has been enhanced with a wide variety of machinery to cater to the needs of both residential and large scale projects.

John's dedication to family and getting every detail right is evident in his commitment to seeing that customers have a finished project they will be proud of. He ensures every project is completed in a timely manner and to the customer's satisfaction.


For son Andrew, joining Faris Excavating was an easy decision. He started operating the farm's tractors as a child and gained experience in the excavation business during high school. As part owner, Andrew has committed himself to taking projects from the bid stage to the final approval of each client.

Andrew also brings a love of culture as a bonus to working with our increasingly diverse communities. He spends each winter backpacking through a different part of the world and immersing himself in absorbing their lifestyles and traditions. His passport already bears stamps from Australia and New Zealand, followed by treks through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Central America!

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